Baldwin Filters

Diesel Fuel/Water Separator Filters
With Open Ends

June 2011

Extreme cold weather may cause problems with diesel fuel. In cold weather, diesel fuel may gel and not flow through the fuel system as intended or water within the fuel may freeze. Either situation is not good. Simply put, no fuel flow equals no production from the equipment using it.

On-board heating of the fuel is a common method used to minimize these problems. Some diesel engine fuel systems are designed with an integral heater probe that is inserted into a port in the bottom of the original equipment (OE) fuel filter water collection bowl. This collection bowl is separate from the fuel filter itself and may be reused with a new fuel filter.

Baldwin Filters has released a line of diesel fuel/water separator filters with open ends to be used with the OE fuel filter water collection bowls. The OE bowl typically includes a drain valve or plug and may accommodate the use of a water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor, a heater probe or both.

The filters in this product line are identified with the "-O" part number suffix. Listed below are the current filters of this type.

BF1292-O BF1297-O BF1383-O BF1389-O
BF1294-O BF1329-O BF1386-O BF1390-O
BF1295-O BF1345-O BF1387-O BF1391-O
BF1296-O BF1366-O BF1388-O BF1398-O

See the Baldwin catalog to determine which of these filters may be used for your application.

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