Baldwin Filters

PureForce® Hydraulic Product Line

July 2010
Product Highlight

Today’s hydraulic systems play a key role in transmitting power to useable work. The use of hydraulics makes easy work of tasks that used to be extremely difficult such as lifting heavy objects or splitting wood. We use hydraulics to plow and harvest the fields and to drive our vehicles. Hydraulics are used just about everywhere!

As these systems have become more sophisticated, maintaining system cleanliness to protect sensitive components is essential. A clean hydraulic system is a dependable hydraulic system. A dependable hydraulic system means more efficient work. More efficient work means more time to do other things and more money in your pocket.

Baldwin Filter’s PureForce line of medium pressure hydraulic products is designed to best protect even the most sensitive hydraulic components. The PureForce line includes a large assortment of 3”, 4” and 5” diameter spin-on filters available in multiple lengths with working pressures from 350-500psi. There are multiple filter media options available within each diameter and length.

How rugged are these filters?
In fatigue testing, involving cycling from zero to full operating pressure twice per second, the PureForce design, on average, lasted 30% longer than the leading competitor. In burst testing, where filters were subjected to gradually increasing pressure until they fail, the PureForce filters withstood 7% greater pressure than the competitive filters and exceeded published specifications by 65%.

Do you need a filter base?
We have bases available to complement both the 4” and 5” filter line. These bases include a steel threaded insert that allows approximately 40% more flow area than the OE. Optional by-pass valves can also be ordered as part of these bases.

What about pressure differential indicators?
We have those too! Your choice of either visual or electrical type indicators are available for use with various by-pass valves.

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