Baldwin Filters

Expert Tips For Using Baldwin Filters'

November 2011

Product Guide PhotoAre you taking full advantage of the Baldwin online catalog? The online catalog has several features to make it easier to find the information you need.

In the cross-reference section, you can take advantage of the multiple part number lookup. In addition to the 10 open lines for searching, you can continue to add lines for your cross-reference search.

Once a cross-reference search is completed, the information can be exported to Microsoft Excel and saved in various formats.

When the complete part number is not known, a "Wild Card character can be inserted at any point in a number when performing a cross-reference search. The wild card character is the asterisk (*).

When a cross is not found for a part number entered into the lookup, the option to provide details about the number is available. This will help our cataloging department identify new numbers and the possible future usage.

Applications can be searched by the categories Automotive, Off-Highway and Trucks & Buses. The more information provided, the faster and more accurate the search will be. Each section is also searchable by keyword.

When you enter a Baldwin part number into the Product Guide you can look at the specifications or see what applications it fits. When the applications coverage option is selected, many pages can be returned. You can click the "Page Selector" in the top left hand corner of the results to go to a specific page.

A Size Chart Search can now be found under the "Catalog Information" tab in the E-Catalog's main menu. This search allows users to choose to search by English or Metric measurements. Users then select the type of filter they need and then search within the parameters selected.

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