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Spin-on Diesel Fuel Filter Installation

December 2011

The purpose of the diesel fuel filter is to remove harmful contaminants and, in some cases, water, both of which may cause damage to critical fuel system components. For the filter to work properly, it is critical that it be installed correctly. Quite often, proper filter installation is overlooked or misunderstood.

The following are steps to properly install a typical spin-on diesel fuel filter. This does not apply to all spin-on diesel fuel filter types. For other types, such as those including a water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor port, follow installation procedures specific to each filter.

NOTE: Close fuel system shut-off valve prior to used filter removal.

Clean the mounting base sealing surface.

NOTE: Remove any old gaskets or post seals that may be stuck to the base.
Follow the OE manufacturer's recommendations to determine if this filter should or should not be prefilled with fuel.
Apply a thin film of clean engine oil to the new filter gasket(s). Install a new post seal if one is supplied.
Spin the new filter until the gasket contacts the mounting base.

NOTE: This does not mean "hand-tighten". For example, "hand-tighten" to installer "A" might be 1 turn beyond gasket contact, while "hand-tighten" to installer "B" might be 1/2 turn beyond gasket contact. Too many variables!
Tighten the filter the required number of turns beyond gasket contact. For this example, spin on the new filter 1 additional turn beyond gasket contact to the base.
Make sure the drain plug on the new filter is closed (if applicable). Open the fuel system
shut-off valve.
Start the engine and check for leaks.
Never use a dented filter.

For more detail, visit the web link below to watch the short instructional video "Installation Techniques" within the Fuel Filtration Training section of the Baldwin Filters website:

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