Baldwin Filters


In early 1981, J.A. Baldwin suffered a stroke and heart attack, from which he recovered enough to return to run the company. However, at the end of July, Baldwin announced the filter company had been purchased by J.L. Clark Manufacturing Co. (now CLARCOR).

In 1989, Baldwin Filters expanded to include Baldwin Filters LTD in the United Kingdom and Baldwin Filters NV in Europe.

In 1991, Baldwin Filters expanded again. This time with a plant in Gothenburg, Nebraska. At this time, Baldwin Filters Australia was brought into the company.

The following year at the Kearney plant, a multi-million dollar technical center was added for research, development, training and testing.

In 1994, Baldwin added a manufacturing and distribution center in Mexico, followed by a manufacturing facility in Weifang, China in 1995.

Also in 1995, Baldwin Filters purchased Hastings Premium Filters, which included the addition of a third U.S. manufacturing site, in Yankton, South Dakota. In 1996, Baldwin Filters South Africa was established.

A state-of-the-art automated distribution center was added to the Kearney plant in 1999. The Warehouse Management System utilizes bar coded picking labels and radio frequency scanners to move all product throughout the 110,000 square foot facility.

In 2007, a manufacturing facility was purchased in Casablanca, Morocco, and became Baldwin Filters Morocco.


Baldwin Expansions

1936   Opens in Wisconsin

1953   Moves to Kearney, Nebraska

1981   Becomes a part of CLARCOR

1989   Acquires facilities in the United
            Kingdom and Europe

1991   Expands with a new manufacturing
            facility in Gothenburg, NE

1994   Acquires a distribution and
            manufacturing center in Mexico

1995   Purchases manufacturing facility
            in China

1995   Buys Hastings Filters and expands
            its U.S. base

1999   Builds a 110,000 square foot
            distribution center at the Kearney

2007   Acquires manufacturing facility
            in Morocco