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BF46002 Dual-Stage Fuel Filter

February 2017

BF46002 Baldwin Filters’ new BF46002 Dual-Stage Fuel Filter is the first fuel filter to take advantage of a new media technology developed at CLARCOR’s Innovation Center outside of Nashville, Tennessee. This proprietary new highly engineered media has multiple layers to trap and hold the smallest contaminants, thus providing maximum protection to modern high pressure fuel systems.

Side-by-side comparisons with the OE prove the BF46002 is clearly a better filter.

CLEANS BETTER with higher efficiency removing contaminants at the critical smallest sizes under 5 microns

LASTS LONGER by continuing to provide ISO 4406 12/9/6 cleanliness levels for significantly larger amounts of fuel

HOLDS MORE with over 25% higher dirt holding capacity than the OE

The BF46002 is a high performance alternative for protecting Cummins QSK MCRS engines.

Baldwin routinely tests products above and beyond industry standards. Extensive testing has been conducted in the field to validate all aspects of this design. CLARCOR proprietary real-world simulation test methods were used to measure ISO 4406 cleanliness levels over anticipated filter life.

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