Baldwin Filters

Service Engineering Bulletins

17-2 Installation Instructions for CA30103 and CA30104
17-1 Installation Instructions for RS30143 and RS30143 KIT
16-1 Installation Instructions for RS30142 and RS30142 KIT
15-2 RS30065 and RS30065 KIT
15-1 Installation Instructions for RS5287XP and RS5288XP
08-1 Baldwin Fuel Filters Compatible with Certified Bio-Diesel Blends
06-2 Baldwin Filters for Racor® Housings PF7889 Series and PF7890 Series
05-2 Primary Fuel Filters for Use in Davco Fuel PRO™ Housings
02-3 Wear Conditions Found on Cummins Engine Mounting Bases
00-1 Protect Your Diesel Engine Against Cavitation Erosion
99-3 Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant
98-6 Oil Analysis: Using the Results
98-5 Substituting Filters
97-9 Baldwin BT287 Family Gaskets
95-11 Filter Performance and Micron Ratings
94-14 Diesel Fuel Contamination and Fuel Filter Plugging
94-9 Radial Seal Air Filters Mixing Brands of Outer and Inner Elements
94-8 Use of Baldwin Products in Aircraft Applications
93-11 Cleaning of Heavy-Duty Air Filter Elements
Filter Manufacturers Council Technical Service Bulletins